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Hydrate, condition and transform dry, lifeless hair to soft and silky with the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Conditioner for women. The L’Oréal Paraben free conditioner makes it easier to manage your hair while protecting the hair shafts from damage. Formulated with precious transformative essential oils, this deep conditioner for hair helps reduce breakage and split ends, and softens and detangles your strands, making your hair 97% smoother in just 1 use. The L’Oréal hair conditioner is one of the best conditioners for dry and frizzy hair as it eliminates dryness in a single wash. For best results, use the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Smooth Shampoo before the L’Oréal Paris Smoothening conditioner to achieve hair that is sumptuously soft, lightweight, and brilliantly shiny with 4X more nourishment.
This conditioner with essential oils makes the hair easier to manage and also protects hair shafts from damage giving you 97% smoother hair in just 1 use.
This conditioner detangles every hair strand to prevent breakage and reduce split ends and give you salon like smoothness.
The L’Oréal Conditioner for women is Paraben free and is one of the best hair conditioners for dry, frizzy hair as it provides 4X more nourishment with no weigh down
Infused with 100% Pure French Amber Cedarwood Oil.
Salicylic Acid content percentage as ingredient of 0.1005 % ww

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